Category: Major Inquiry into child abuse


Metropolitan Police probed over child abuse cover-up claims

The UK’s police watchdog is investigating allegations that Scotland Yard has covered up child abuse by high profile politicians and police officers.


Child abuse at Westminster: We haven’t even begun to awaken from the nightmare

What remains constant over the centuries is a kind of droit de seigneur; the right of powerful people to sexually exploit vulnerable children from lower social classes.


New Child Abuse inquiry has power to compell witnesses

Four new panel members, including the author of a report on sexual exploitation in Rotherham, have been appointed to the reformed independent inquiry into child abuse, the home secretary has announced.


Theresa May says “we will never look at society in the same way again”

People in Britain do not yet “appreciate the true scale” of child sexual exploitation that runs through society “like a stick of Blackpool rock”, Home Secretary Theresa May has warned.

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