A MAN who taught at a Plymouth school for three decades has appeared in court charged with a series of sexual and violent assault on children.Paul Kelly, is one of five men who appeared today at Glasgow High Court in connection with assaults on boys aged between 11 and 16 at a school in Fife, Scotland between 1967 and 1983.Kelly was the former head of Year 9 at St Boniface’s Catholic College. The former French teacher worked at the Manadon-based school for 27 years, quitting in July 2012. None of the allegations relate to his time at St Boniface’s.

The men, Kelly, aged 63; John Farrell, aged 73; Edward Egan, aged 78; Michael Murphy, aged 76 and William Don, 61, face a total of 121 charges which include allegations of brutal sex attacks and beatings during their time working at St Ninian’s School, an orphanage and school for young boys who had been orphaned, neglected of out of parental control.

The school was run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a religious order of the Catholic Church. The school also employed civilian teachers and clerical staff.

Farrell, Kelly and Egan were Christian Brothers at the time of the offences while Murphy – previously a Christian Brother – was a social worker and Don a physical education teacher.

The majority of the allegations are against Kelly, of Glade Close, Derriford, and Farrell.

The Crown claims a total of 35 boys were abused at the school.

Charges against Kelly include that he assaulted a number of boys indecently and sexually, that he had “unnatural carnal connection” with a boy; punched and kicked a boy and forced him to stand naked for prolonged periods and “repeatedly strike him on the body with a belt and utter threats of violence”.

Kelly is also accused of attempting to push a boy off a roof with a rope tied around his neck and held the boys head under water.

Another charge claims Kelly performed an indecent act in a boy’s presence and repeatedly sexually assault another boy as he compelled another of his alleged victims to watch. Another charge claims he forced boys to sexually assault each other as he watched.

Another of the charges against Kelly is that he repeatedly struck another boy and uttered “threats of violence towards him if he disclosed the fact he was being sexually abused at said school, place your hands around his neck and attempt to choke him”.

Court papers revealed that he is also accused of stripping a boy naked, rolled him up in a rug, “leave him rolled up in said rug against a pillar in the main hallway of said school overnight and repeatedly strike him on the head and body”.

Another charge against Kelly accuses him of rolling another boy up in a carpet for prolonged periods, throwing medicine balls at him, locking him “in a case in the basement area… as a punishment for not engaging in sexual activity” with him.

He is also accused of pushing two boys down a set of stairs and later telling one of them the other boy was dead “and that he had killed him”.

Dozens of witnesses are expected to give evidence during the trial.

Trial judge Lord Matthews told the jury of nine men and six women that the trial is expected to last 12 to 14 weeks.

The trial continues.
Source: Former Plymouth teacher accused of dozens of child sex attacks over 15 years | Plymouth Herald